As i mentioned in my last post, this week i have been taking part in Cook for Syria, a global movement that aims to raise money and awareness of children affected by war and displacement.

They write on their website:

By supporting #CookForSyria you’re directly helping Unicef to provide aid to Syrian children. Unicef supplies life-saving food, medical care and clean water to children affected by the crisis. Unicef also provides long-term care in the form of education and emotional support, with safe places for children to learn and play. Unicef helps these children put their lives back together.

Every donation counts – just £29 could protect 200 children with life-saving polio vaccines.

Through #CookForSyria you can raise essential funds for the children of Syria, while celebrating the country’s fantastic culture and cuisine.

Although their initial fundraising campaign has finished you can still take part by hosting a dinner party, maybe a virtual one right now, and setting up a Just Giving page. You can donate directly to UNICEF or buy the #CookForSyria or #BakeForSyria cookbooks. There are also a number of Refugee charities you can donate to.

As we can’t quite throw a party right now, i decided on cooking up a feast for the household, and then donating to UNICEF and Refugee Action, which helps refugees build safe new lives here in the UK.

The first dish we made was a Green Freekeh Salad with Smoked Almonds & Pomegranate Seeds from Saima Khan. This was a really fresh and flavorful addition to our little feast, and really welcomed as the rest was meat based. We didn’t have almonds so used cashews, but this is a great base recipe to add lots of different flavours.

Recipe HERE

We also made Kibbah, the national dish of Syria. Note we didn’t have bulgur wheat so used the Freekeh, it didn’t quite mush up which is why you can see the grain on ours, it didn’t quite work but tasted delicious. These were so moorish and I had to stop myself eating more.

Recipe HERE

Lastly we made lahm bi ajeen, a type of middle eastern pizza. Again, these were really yummy. We didn’t leave the dough for 24hrs and it still worked perfectly. We had spare left so the next day cooked them in a frying pan to make flatbread, we then fried the rest of the topping we had left, and made wraps with loads of lettuce and natural yogurt, and it was insanely good.

Recipe HERE

For more about Refugee week you can head to their website HERE there have already been many incredible events, held online that you can catch up, with a whole host to come this weekend.

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