My ultimate disaster film watchlist

I don’t know about you, but there is something I find quite comforting about a disaster film on a grim weekend afternoon.

I like to snuggle under my blanket, fire on, tea in hand, while i watch two hours of over the top wreckage, impossible leaps, and questionable effects.

And lets face it, while we hide in our homes from a deadly virus, it’s good to sit in the safety of our homes and think, it could be worse, we could be trying to outrun lava, or a massive comet.

Now i know the disaster film comes in many different forms, but for me it has to be something that comes naturally. No monsters, no aliens, and no buildings on fire, unless it’s because they were in the way of a river of lava, does that even happen?

So with that in mind, here’s my top 10 disaster films.


For a disaster film this is both kinda subtle, and fairly true to life. It has a sprinkle of everything really, action, drama, friendship, and a nice little will they, won’t they love triangle that actually makes sense and isn’t just thrown in for the sake of it.

Dantes peak

I watched the first hour of this film probably 15 times while I was in school. It was what we watched every end of term geography class we had. I think by it being on brand meant the teacher, or us, wasn’t entirely bunking off. And even after all those half watches, i still watch it every single time it’s on TV. It has some great edge of your seat moments without actually being to over the top.


This holds fond memories for me, watching it as my dad would nod off, probably a little hungover. There’s something about 90s films that hit different, I’d say it’s my favourite decade of cinema. This film is so beautifully 90s, and so worth the watch just for all the most ridiculous ways they attempt to stop the lava.

Deep impact

So many times i would catch this film on TV and not know what it was called. The thought of it has always kinda terrified me, I mean there really is nothing we can do if a comet decides to cross paths with us. It’s all the things a disaster film should be without the mass destruction. It has the fear, tension and sadness we see in a disaster film, as well as the eventual hope.

The Day after tomorrow

Do you know where you don’t want to watch this film? On your way to Canada, on a flight hit with a long bout of turbulence. Wasn’t my greatest experience, but hey, i don’t hold it against the film. I like this one, it feels informative, even if I haven’t actually fact checked this film. Its definitely a rollercoaster of emotions and used its big budget well to create a big action but realistic feeling film.

San Andreas

A new addition to the disaster film genre, and boy does it hit with a bang. This film is the epitome of over the top. It’s come to cause as much damage as possible, with its crazy unrealistic leaps, big special effects, and arguably bigger hero, this film is pure trash, but in the best way possible.


I have to say i enjoy the added sci fi element to this film, it makes it stand out from the crowd. It’s a big film with big threats, and a good lesson in not resting on your laurels. The world, our weather can be unpredictable, we have to respect it.


This is another one of those unrealistic, over the top films that is packed full of all the things we love about a disaster film. The main characters always just outrun the epic disaster they face and you’re always so glad of it. And for a the world is actually ending film, theres still hope.

The Perfect storm

I think for me this is probably one of the scariest films I’ve seen. Vast water terrifies me, and even the thought of being trapped on a tiny boat in the middle of a massive storm gives me a knot in my stomach. A claustrophobic, gripping watch.

Hurricane heist

I can’t lie, this film is bad, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. It has the most god awful effects, and a scene where they try to out run a hurricane in a truck. It’s ridiculous, but great escapism.

What are your favourites?

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