Sunday recommendation: The Perks of being a Wallflower

Throwing it back a little to 2012 with this weeks Sunday recommendation, The Perks of being a Wallflower.

This is a film i avoided for many years. I had the impression it was one of those over emotional dramas about some kind of unrequited love, or love that couldn’t happen because of a illness, or something that pre teens just LOVE. You know the ones i mean, Five Feet Apart, that one where the girls allergic to the sun, Paper Towns, that kinda thing.

I’m assuming it’s because when the book was out it was that demographic that was raving about it, because when you read the synopsis, or watch the trailer, it definitely doesn’t give that impression.

However, one night i found myself up at like midnight, wide awake, and it had just started on channel 4. I started watching it, but hit record with full intentions of falling asleep halfway through and needing to finish it in the morning. Instead i found myself still up at 2am crying my eyes out.

The film follows introvert Charlie as he starts a new high school, and after an already difficult few years he finds it hard to find his feet. In time he meets brother and step sister, Patrick and Sam, along with a pose of self proclaimed outsiders, and as he finds comfort within the group he starts to find himself.

But with any journey of self discovery there are ups, downs, and mistakes made.

This film is an incredibly moving, heartbreaking, and sometimes funny, coming of age drama that explores friendship and loneliness, alongside all the other feels we experience in those fragile teenage years.

Although a film about those growing years, it’s not a film about teen angst you would recognise, there’s more here, and I’d say it was one of the first films of this kind to explore the teen angst experience in a modern day era.

You can catch this film on Netflix and to rent on YouTube & Sky Store.

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