Sunday recommendation: Cold Pursuit

Last year me and mum headed to the cinema to watch Cold Pursuit, her choice.

I’m a sucker for a Liam Neeson film but i wasn’t really in the mood, but she’s often dragged along to watch many films that i want to watch so it was only fair.

This for me is still one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in the cinema.

Pitched as your typical Liam Neeson revenge thriller, Cold Pursuit sees Neeson seek revenge for the death of his son.

However, this is far from your typical Neeson revenge thriller.

Firstly, it’s really funny, but in the most unobvious, subtle way.

I remember sitting there thinking, this is funny, but wait, am i supposed to find this funny, isn’t it supposed to be a super serious action thriller?

It’s a film that plays with your expectations to then deliver a film that is pretty unique in it’s tone.

In some ways you could say it parodies the types of films we know Neeson for, but its not ridiculous and over the top. It’s slight, and still respectful of the action thriller we know and love.

Give it a go, you can find it on Amazon Prime.

Enjoy x

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