100 Movies Bucket List: Shaun of the Dead

I love British film, because for the most part they always feel so uniquely British.

Now if i remember correctly from my film school days, this is partly to do with a special little tick chart we have here.

In order for a film to be considered British it has to pass a cultural test set up by the British Film Institute, to pass this the film must have at least 18 requirements out of 35. This then allows the film to qualify for UK film tax relief and further funding.

The points include things like, the film being set in the UK, the majority of the cast and crew being from the UK, the subject matter being British and being a film that demonstrates British creativity, diversity and heritage.

Although there’s a possibility this could hinder some filmmakers, and some may be able to take advantage. For me it gives British film a real identity, and creates a real vision of ourselves on screen, and it should be something we are proud of.

This leads me to my latest bucket movie watch, Shaun of the Dead.

I adore this film, as I do Hot Fuzz, and like The Worlds End.

It, they, all play with a typically Hollywood genre and then give it a big old British twist.

In Shaun of the Dead our protagonist isn’t conveniently a doctor that might have the answer, and he isn’t a ex cop, army Sargent or general badass. He’s a guy that works in a tech shop, plays video games and likes to go to the pub, your pretty average joe.

The film continues to be incredibly relatable to British audiences, or we’d like to think so, (the toilet paper shortage may say otherwise) all whilst still having the action and play points we’d kind of expect in a typical zombie film.

A true British classic, this film has become a part of the British culture it reflects. With every crisis and scary thing that goes on in the world, typically responded with a meme or gif of Shaun in The Winchester waiting for this to all blow over, the new, keep calm and carry on.

Enjoy x

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