My Sunday Recommendation: Booksmart

My Sunday recommendation for you all this week is the incredible Booksmart.

This charming, funny coming of age film will give you lots of happy feels, and for many a good dose of nostalgic teen feels.

It sees two confident young women set to graduate and head on to the next chapter in life. They’re girls that know what they want and have spent their whole time in high school heading towards those goals. As they ready themselves to leave they realise they may have missed out on a lot of the high school experience. With this they decide to head to a party, a first, and last hurrah before they go to college.

This film is a beautiful look at friendship and finding yourself as you grow within that friendship.

It’s also a celebration of confidence, and the vulnerability that can be hidden by that confidence.

There’s been a bit of a resurgence in these coming of age films, and I’m happy to see a lot of them come from the female perspective.

If you love this one i think you’ll also love.

Eighth Grade
Lady Bird
The Edge Of Seventeen
The Diary Of A Teenage Girl

You can currently find Booksmart on Amazon Prime UK and can rent it on Youtube

Enjoy x

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